The state of cattle and sheep markets in Australia

By Lyndsey Douglas

Ray White Livestock’s Bruce Birch says the volume of livestock transacting across the nation is growing, despite supply issues.

“Throughout our agency network the turnover in numbers of both sheep and cattle continues to grow despite external factors influencing supply. Reaching from the Northern Territory, along the eastern seaboard as far south as Mt Gambier and now into Western Australia, the biggest external factor influencing stock sales and prices has been the weather. Up until recent times, much of the northern area of Queensland and central and western New South Wales continued to experience drought conditions which has impacted heavily on the amount of numbers offered from those areas for sale,” Mr Birch said.

“Of course, the upside of reduced numbers is that prices (up until the last three months) had remained relatively buoyant. The recent welcome rainfalls in some areas of Queensland and NSW have provided a significant boost to store stock values as grass fatteners and backgrounders compete for limited numbers of stock. This limitation in the number of stock on offer in the period extending to Christmas will be a challenge to all sectors within the livestock industry.”

Within the Ray White Livestock agency network, he says there has been a significant increase in ‘yellow shirts’ represented in key livestock centres.

“The rapid growth witnessed since the inception of Ray White Livestock only ten years ago can be attributed to a simple business strategy employed throughout the network of privately owned offices. The combination of identifying highly experienced and enthusiastic livestock agents who have chosen to live and work within communities with which they are highly engaged and the provision of effective marketing tools for clients is a proven formula, ensuring the top level communication and service and, importantly, great results,” he said.

“Growth in the network is as much a result of existing offices expanding their business as it is new members joining. Whist we are continually talking to agents who are keen on starting their own business we will always acknowledge the work done by the offices that joined a decade ago and continue to support a growing number of vibrant young agents keen to learn. As a group we are well aware of the need to grow through the right channels and will continue to offer opportunities to agents wishing to improve existing agencies or commence their own business,” Mr Birch concluded.

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