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    Cattle in ORANGE

    66 PTIC Cows

      Opportunity to purchase a line of breeders cattle at an age you dont usually get to buy. These cows are bred extremely well, are EU accreditted and and have jumped through the hoops year after year so far. These cows are all frame and no excess condition of any note and have yet to finish growing.. The cows are being fed a ration and are certainly on the improve. They are fit, strong and healthy to travel distance.. They are very good to handle and are used to human contact because of the feeding. Reluctant sale but these cows must go before calving.
      Any cows not suitable to bred from have been removed, 2blue eyes noted in draft. Great cows that are young enough to keep on and be the basis of a great cow herd. These cows weigh extremely well when fat. Cows that certainly wont disappoint once shown the feed.

      Sex: Cow
      Number of Head: 66
      Average Weight: 498.3 kgs
      Age: 3.5 - 3.5 Years
      Accreditation(s): EU, LPA, MSA

      Number of Head: 66 - Dam: Composite, Sire: Composite

      Preg Tested?:
      Yes, this lot was pregnancy tested, by Orange vet clinic (Vet) on 02/03/2018.
      66 Head in calf, from 7 to 8 months. Certificate Available.