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    Cattle in TENTERFIELD

    21 Unweaned Steers

      A good quality line of vendor bred Angus cross weaner steers presenting in fresh condition. Steers had a LWT range at assessment 210kg - 314kg full to have an estimated average delivery weight of 248.7kg. The choice is yours with these steers as they would be suitable for most operations including back grounding for the domestic or export feedlot market, retaining to fatten as bullocks on either grass or grain etc. Note; Steers were yarded and off feed and water for 12 hours prior to assessment but were still on their mothers. Small % of steers with light rubbing/bites caused from buffalo fly. 3 steers with larger cods from an old infection after being castrated. Not considered detrimental. Sister lot in same sale.

      Sex: Steer
      Number of Head: 21
      Average Weight: 248.7 kgs
      Age: 6 - 10 Months
      Accreditation(s): LPA

      Number of Head: 18 - Dam: Charbray, Sire: Angus,
      Number of Head: 3 - Dam: Brangus, Sire: Angus

      Preg Tested?: