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Ray White’s history beams through Rural Network

By Laura Tacey

Ray White Rural’s Chairman, Paul White was extremely proud to have visited Crows Nest last week visiting Geoff Trost and the team as they are planning to move into the old post office building.

Interestingly, the premises in which the old post office is built on was originally donated by his grandfather, Ray White.

“It’s humbling to see that the richness of Ray White’s history is still carrying through our offices today,” Paul said.

While Paul was there he also took the opportunity to visit the old Ray White auction house where it all began in 1902, situated in the Crows Nest Museum and Historical Village.

“It’s amazing to think here we are 120 years later and the Crows Nest office is moving onto the original land that my grandfather donated, right on the corner of Crows Nest,” Paul said.

“While I was there I couldn’t help but think about all of the things that my grandfather had endured during his time as a business owner.”

“From world wars to the depression and not to mention the Spanish flu, it was a time when if there was no business – business was created. And that’s something we can all learn from today.”

“We were raised in a rural community and in rural communities it’s important to pull together and rely on your neighbor,” Paul said.


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