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STOCKD update: investors to add power and functionality

As you are aware the Ray White Livestock team trialled the STOCKD app last year within the livestock network, with the aim of providing producers with a meaningful tool to increase the market awareness of livestock they are taking to market via our agents. 

We believed that sellers as well as buyers could benefit from greater awareness and information surrounding when and where sales occur.

Currently a number of competitors exist in this marketplace, however we believe that these alternatives have shortcomings when it comes to focusing on the sellers needs.

We have taken the opportunity to re-think and re- engineer STOCKD in order to provide our customers  with a tool that is not only beneficial for the marketing their stock but also able to deliver them meaningful savings across a transaction.

The marketplace has remained the same for many years however changes are now starting to happen. Technology must be embraced and our Group is looking to be at the forefront of this change.

To that end, we have teamed up with experienced investors and venture capitalists to provide more functionality and power to STOCKD so that when it is relaunched to our customers they will appreciate the benefits and reward Ray White for their foresight. 

Investing in efficiencies has long been our aim as your franchisor, and this underpinned the philosophy with the livestock marketing application STOCKD. 

The venture capitalists that have partnered with us will deliver the cash injection required to truly disrupt the industry and set Ray White apart. 

The current model will be deflated as the team rebuild.